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An Ounce of Safety


In early January, 2003, my daughter called me and told me that her family had a really close call the night before. It was about 1:00 in the morning and everyone was asleep. Suddenly a voice was speaking from the hallway and it startled my daughter who woke her husband up.  As she became more awake, she realized that the voice she was hearing was actually the carbon monoxide alarm.  They ran into the bedrooms where their two daughters sleep and gathered them up and brought them outside as they called the fire department. When the fire department arrived they stated the carbon monoxide was above 300 and that at 400 they would all be dead.

Needless to say I said a prayer of thanksgiving that my daughter and grandchildren were spared. Had this occurred just one month earlier, they would not have had the alarm. They remodeled their hallway and when they did decided to get a new smoke alarm. While they were at it they purchased a carbon monoxide detector as well. Needless to say, it saved their lives. The firemen also told my daughter that it was good that they spent the extra $10.00 and bought the better alarm as the cheaper models donít work as well. I am so thankful they spent $40 on this device Ė why not consider one for your home? 

And while youíre at it, here are a few other safety tips: 

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