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Housekeeping Tips

Mildew In The Bathroom


Mildew is an easy matter to solve. A little bleach will take it right off. In fact, many bathroom cleaning products such as Soft Scrub (with bleach) will do the job for you. Make sure you take care, however, not to spill anything with bleach on carpeting as it will take the color right out.

Frequently the grout that is between the tub and tile will turn black underneath and it appears as though there is mildew growing. If it is mildew, it will disappear instantly when you apply bleach (or a product with bleach) to it. If it does not go away, do not waste your time scrubbing as it is a discoloration underneath the grout and the only way you will get rid of it is by re-caulking. Expect this to happen about every 12-18 months.

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