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Flower Arranging 101


Knowing that I own a cleaning service, one of my friends gave me a great calendar last year.  You know the kind, one page per day with some information on it in a specific area.  They have calendars for dog, cat or horse lovers, for people who love chicken soup a lot, for golfers, dieters, women, men, etc.  They even had one by the Queen of Clean and she offers a lot of marvelous tips - some funny; some practical.  Here’s one everyone can use on occasion.

Have you ever tried to arrange artificial flowers in a pot or basket without marbles or foam on hand to hold them upright?  They droop all over the place!  Here’s an easy solution:

1. Fill the container with table salt.

2. Slowly add a little cold water to moisten the salt.

3. Carefully arrange the flowers.

Leave the container undisturbed for a few hours. The salt will solidify as it dries, holding the flowers in place just as you arranged them.

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